About Bare Skin Care & Waxing Studio

My name is Tracy Blankenship and I am the owner of Bare Skin Care & Waxing Studio.

I am a California State Board licensed Esthetician with medical esthetic training and am also certified in Oncology Esthetics. I have been helping my clients achieve their skin care goals for the past 13 years.

Professional skin treatments have come a long ways from the days of them being just a “luxury facial” treatment. I embrace the science of skin care and all of the advanced technology available to me as an Esthetician. Additionally, as a long time waxing client myself, I was determined to get as educated as possible in the proper techniques of hair removal in order to protect my clients’ skin during their waxing treatments.

With all of my skin care treatments and waxing services, I believe that proper techniques, client care, and beautifully crafted products result in a much more pleasant experience and provide superior results.

I bring my passion for overall skin “health” into my studios on a daily basis. Believing that the most radiant beautiful skins starts with a clean and healthy diet. Replacing processed foods, refined sugars and dairy products with less animal products and more organic vegetable and fruits. Green juicing is a staple in my diet. Foods and beverages loaded with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) or Omega 3’s will not only aid in you overall health but give you a more beautiful complexion. (Always check with your doctor prior to making any drastic diet changes.)

And, of course, make sure you drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen EVERY day, and use professional skin products loaded with beautifully active ingredients specific to your skin’s needs.

Tracy Front Left