Add-on Treatments

Ultrasonic Eye Treatment $15

This targeted treatment will address fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area.  Through the use of Peptide and Vitamin C Serums and the use of an Ultrasonic wand designed for the eye area we are able to push those treatment products deeper into the skin maximizing the effects of those powerful ingredients.   The Ultrasonic wand is also a great tool in toning the muscles around the eyes giving you a gentle lift.
High-Frequency Acne Treatment $15
This Bacteria killing treatment is an excellent way to treat and heal those breakouts quickly.    High frequency is also a great post hair removal treatment!

High-Frequency Scalp Treatment $15
This treatment nourishes the scalp by increasing blood circulation, which increases the nutrient supply to the skin. Promotes hair growth, slows hair loss and loss of hair color.

Dry Brushing Detox Treatment $15
Dry brushing is an excellent all natural way to remove toxins from our system.   Starting at the base of the scalp and ending on the soles of the feet a dry brush is used in gentle sweeping motions along the skin stimulating circulation, exfoliating the skin and draining your lymphatic system.  Once the dry brushing is completed a certified organic blend of essential oils will be pressed into the skin to keep that circulation going well after your treatment is complete.   This is a head to toe treatment that feels amazing!

Perfect Sense Paraffin Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $25 ($15 when added on to any facial)

Relax and revel in warm physiotherapeutic paraffin infused with 11 vitamins including A, C, E, D, B-5, B-12 and the mineral Selenium – nutrients vital for your healthy skin. Perfect Sense delivers heat and hydration for soft, smooth skin and protection from dry, rough, achy, or irritated hands. Ideal for renewal!

Perfect Sense Paraffin followed with a nightly application of Retin-A and daily use of sunscreen for youthful hands that won’t give away your age!